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Who are you?

Aren’t you curious little one? You DO KNOW what happens to little boys and girls who dig too deep? Well, those naughty little kiddies get… the… inside truth! We’re the jaded ones behind a little space of the web called The Church of Halloween. If you don’t know it, it’s a Gathering of Spooky Inspiration. So if you live a little left of center, crave the surroundings of a Spook Show and find the humor in horror… “Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble, we accept you. One of us!” If you are searching for a little more formality, we are Jaded and Meeks, Inc. Feel free to forward any questions concerns you may have to starkweather (at) churchofhalloween.com.

Why do you do this?

Hmmm, maybe the same reason Dr. Griffin drank his own concoction. We love keeping our obsession alive! Since publicizing art requires a degree in marketing and a masters in business, we strive to keep the beautiful, yet grungy creations of Horror, Spookshow and Halloween artwork alive. Somebody raise the table to the lightning already!

These lost masters of scribbling the scary are on the verge of being lost forever. Take an art history course and you will never discover a single mention of these spooky sketchers and yet the only way to appreciate their art is to purchase an overpriced, vintage, boxed costume or take out a loan, equal to the cost of a house, so you can proudly display an original horror poster.

How do you select each button you offer?

Simply, the craftsmanship of the piece. Just like any museum director curates their gallery, we scour through endless creations from horror, Halloween, Burlesque, science fiction, spook shows, costumes, masks, vintage ads and gothic symbolism to present you only best in every dark genre. Unlike most button shops, we DO NOT cut-and-paste the graphics found on an image search into a round template and call it a day. We only use high resolution, crisp and clear graphics in order to create each button. With over twenty years experience in design, art history and computer programming, we have the ability to re-create specific elements of each item so it fits proportionately within the minimal space of a one inch round button; as well as showing or hiding certain elements giving you multiple choices on the design.

Alright then, what are the dirty details?

You need more huh… Well then, each item you see here is scrutinized and pondered over endlessly. If you fall in love with any accessory we offer and still have a few questions, just scream out your window and yell,”Paulie, I have a question!”. Kidding, contact us at chastity (at) horrorbuttons.com.

I dig your stuff but the button I want is missing.

Do we hear someone shouting for custom buttons? Of course we create custom items but only within the genres mentioned above. How we price each custom order depends on the re-sale of the item. If the art is something that could be resold, we typically keep the price the same as currently listed items. Otherwise, we may charge a little more unless it’s a bulk order.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. So many awesome buttons…but I couldn’t help noticing there isn’t one for one of my favorite 70’s horror film “Horror Express”. Any plans to make one available or should I contact you regarding getting this as a custom?

    1. Great call! We definitely should have that one. Give us about a week to whip one up.

  2. I did get the dr Pretorius pin button that was fantastic that you had the pin button Iwas looking for one for a while thanks to you for having that pin button you all did super I do thank you so very much from Danny Lassetter

  3. Just got my pins today in the mail. I am so thrilled! Everything came as ordered, and the packaging of the pins was a great touch (not that I want to WAX poetic or anything.) Thanks for all the great pins and key rings – I cannot wait to start giving them to friends and family.

    1. Thank you very much for your order. Always so stoked to hear from the happy customers!

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